Finer Grooming for Horse and Rider

To The Spirit of the Horse

For some of us, horses are partners in the adventure of living. From them, we learn patience and trust, perseverance and dedication, and the value of breathing deeply, sitting tall, and moving steadily forward at each step of the way.

For some of us, caring for our horses is more than a routine – it is an act of gratitude for all our partners give us, a celebration of all they represent. More than that, it is our way of strengthening our bond with this magnificent animal, and through him, our connection to the Earth itself.

About Epona

Epona Ltd. is a small California company that creates innovative natural grooming products for equines and the people who love them. Founded by a Woman in 1992, Epona was named for the Celtic Goddess and Protectress of the Horse, whose fierce strength, combined with sensuousness and grace, are the continuing inspiration for our products and designs.

Epona, Ltd. was born from a passion for horses and for all that makes them happier, healthier, and simple to enjoy. Our product line is been designed and crafted with care and pride, to enhance that special bond between horse and rider that keeps drawing us happily back to the barn.

Our History: A note from the Founder

The company began from a longing to step off the wheel of commerce and get back to what I love. During a break from my earlier businesses, I was lucky to be offered a horse right off the racetrack: Kabul - better known as Scussy - who would become a constant companion, friend, and adventurer in the many years ahead.

My previous work had focused on developing and marketing products that combined elegant design and earth-friendly materials with simple functionality, so immediately I sought such products to care for and “spoil” my horse. To my surprise, those products just weren’t there.

What I found was, in brief… archaic. Many good products of industrial strength quality, but none with any beauty or design innovations – literally holdovers from the cavalry days. Shampoos and rinses made of chemical compounds – but no lovely and sensuous ingredients that are kind to a horse’s skin. What was needed, I saw, was a Woman’s touch: a suite of care products that would truly enhance my own experience of grooming and bonding with the horse.

It was from this apparent gap in the market that Epona, Ltd. sprang to life.

Our Products

Each of our products is designed to make grooming not only effective but pleasurable for both horse and rider. Following the needs we found, we crafted new items to enhance both the practical experience and the relational bond with the horse.

When our closets overflowed with scores of boot socks in boring black, we introduced dazzling Sock-A-Doodles to colorize and customize our horsey styles. When our hands were raw and our muscles ached from long hours in the saddle, we soothed them with Horse Handler’s Hand Cream and Rider’s Reward – and then added fragrant Epona’s Aromas Rinses to relax and loosen the horse as well. When industrial curries refused to yield to hand or bend to the horse, we crafted flexible curry flowers that mold to his contours – followed by Nuzzlers™ and the Groomage™, to bring a deep, mellowing massage to your hard-working friend. In product after product, we combined sturdy construction with elegant, pleasing designs to make the entire care process inviting and fun for humans and equines alike.

Along the way, many new products have been added and many new designs have been introduced to expand the practical, wholistic care of the horse while satisfying his human’s desire for beauty, softness, fragrance, and ease of use. We at Epona take pleasure in continuing the expansion of our line, and bringing you products that are healthy, sustainable, and a welcome addition to the provisions of your barn.

"Finer Grooming for Horse and Rider"

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