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Product Description

THERAPEUTIC MINERAL BATH Dear Rider — This one’s for you! The perfect finish to a solid workout or a strenuous day on the trail. Clear green crystals soothe sore muscles, melt tensions, and create a sense of well-being and calm. Reduces stress while promoting sound rest. Eucalyptus blend made form ocean and desert minerals. 31 oz. $21.00
Yet Another Poem by Faedra

I rode my horse from dawn to dusk,
My seat was feeling sore,
So I rubbed it well with liniment,
But it pained me more and more.
I rode my horse for several days,
My bottom was fading fast.
I applied a lotion meant to soothe,
But relief just didn’t last.
I rode my horse for one full week,
Those cheeks were feeling no bliss.
Then I took a soak in Rider’s Reward, And found a lover’s kiss.